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New Delhi: The iOS 16 release date was confirmed by Apple during the Far Out event. It’s September 12th. The software’s initial free update was announced at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and the beta version was released in July. Now, starting September 12, the stable version will be available.

Apple’s new iPhone 14 models will ship with iOS 16, while other phones will get an operating system update in the following week. An upgraded lock screen, iCloud shared photo library, messaging, and other tweaks are just a few of the new features that come with the new operating system. Here are the changes iPhone users will experience.

lock screen

With the ability to change the font, color, and position of objects on it, the new OS update will provide a more personalized lock screen. The ability to customize the appearance of date and time data on the lock screen, decide which set of widgets will appear on the lock screen, or access live activities directly from the lock screen are some of the other notable additions to the lock screen. User can scroll to try different skins.

Focus mode

With iOS15, Apple first came into focus mode. In an upcoming OS release, it will receive a significant update to focus filters that will allow users to set limits on every focus enabled within Apple apps like Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari. The user can change the appearance and functions of his iPhone simultaneously by connecting the lock screen to the focus.


Apple’s latest software will allow users to edit or unsend messages for the first time ever. If there are spelling errors or if they inadvertently send an incomplete message, users have the option to edit or recall the sent messages. In addition, users can set messages and threads as unread on iOS 16. Additionally, the user has up to 30 days to recover deleted messages.

civil control

Quick Start, a feature of the new program, makes it easy to set up a new iOS device for your child with all the necessary parental controls already enabled. A new family checklist is available providing tips and recommendations for a child’s account.


In order to quickly reset access that has been allowed to others in cases of domestic violence or intimate partner violence, there is a new privacy security check section. It helps the user to control who and which applications they have given access to.

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