Instagram to allow users to repost other friend’s reels and posts, here’s how | Technology News

New Delhi: Instagram users will soon be able to repost and repost other people’s posts. According to reports, the platform has started testing this feature, which should be available to all users soon. Tests are conducted with a small group of users. According to Instagram, the feature will work in the same way that you can currently repost other people’s stories.

A guide has already discovered the feature being tested and provided additional information about this new option for Instagram users. It is mentioned that the repost feature will be available in the Instagram user profile section, next to the flag option.

We’re not sure why the platform felt the need to include this option, but its focus has recently become very scattered and confusing. Adam Mosseri has already confirmed that Instagram will gradually move from a photo-to-video platform, so that users will be able to post 9:16 photos instead of the standard 16:9 format.

Instagram is expected to roll out the new repost feature for mobile users on the Android and iOS Instagram apps in the coming months, once the platform and its developers have finished testing.

The design of the app has already been modified, but it is still difficult to use it as a foldable form factor, which Instagram needs to work on, especially with the many foldable devices expected to be launched in the near future.

Instagram is eyeing TikTok, and Reels is touted as the go-to platform for growth of the Meta-owned app business. He is even willing to consider e-commerce as a source of income through various content creators.

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