Instagram rolls out new feature; it gives users a better way to focus on studies | Technology News

New Delhi: In an effort to increase the number of time management tools available, Meta Instagram on Thursday introduced a brand new feature dubbed Quiet Mode. By turning off incoming alerts, auto-replying to direct messages, and setting your status to “quiet mode” to let friends know you’re not using the app at the moment, the feature seeks to ease users’ concerns about taking a break from the service.

The social media platform has also launched additional parental controls and other tools to curate recommendations, all aimed at ensuring the safety of teens using the software. This isn’t the first time that Instagram has tried to develop tools to help users manage time. (Also read: This company overtakes Apple to become the number one brand in the world; Check out our top 10 list)

The app already features a function that notifies users when their daily app usage exceeds a certain limit and allows them to monitor and limit it. Additionally, there are tools for pausing, snoozing, restricting, and unfollowing Pages, groups, and people to help reduce engagement with addictive or unwanted content. (Also Read: Lost your device or is it stolen? Google’s upcoming Apple AirTag competitor will help discover locations)

There’s also a feature for configuring “take a break” reminders after individual app sessions have lasted for a preset amount of time. On the one hand, Quient Mode is special because it emphasizes the practical ramifications of trying to take a short break from an app you use frequently and where people expect you to be available.

Instagram users can take a break in this mode to read, take a nap, or engage in other activities. It is similar to turning off the instant messaging light on Instagram. The app will provide a summary of what you missed during your downtime when you decide to quit quiet mode to help you catch up.

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