Instagram: Going to launch ‘not interested’ button to stop irrelevant video clips in users feeds–check details here | Technology News

New Delhi: Instagram owned by Meta works on the type of content that users want to see in their feeds. The company will soon release an uninterested button to fix the issue. After receiving heavy criticism from users a few days ago for placing a large amount of irrelevant videos in their feeds, Instagram has now rolled up its sleeves to tackle the issue.

In order to give users more discretion about the type of material they see in their feed, Meta is now exploring new options. The parent company of Instagram Meta said in a blog post that it is trying two new ways to improve customer experience. A “Disinterested” button will soon be available in its Settings option, allowing users to select multiple posts and indicate they don’t want to see them. (Read also: Attention! 5 big changes in September 2022 that will directly affect your finances)

This will immediately make this content disappear and stop related items from appearing in their Explore tab. The app now allows users to report a specific post by clicking on it. Users will be able to report multiple pieces of video content through this mod. (Read also: Great satisfaction for LPG customers! OMCs advertise huge price for LPG cylinder – check how much you need to pay in your city)

Regardless, Instagram will soon begin testing a feature that allows users to choose certain words, phrases, or emojis so that they do not appear in the caption or hashtags of suggested photos. You can use this tool to stop seeing information that matters to you, the business writes in the blog post, “Whether you’re seeing something irrelevant or you’ve moved on from something you used to love.”

There are new updates just a month after users made a fuss about the changes to the app. Users saw a lot of irrelevant videos in their feeds as a result of the modifications the company made to the algorithm. Currently, you can turn off suggested Instagram posts for 30 days. This enables you to quickly stop showing suggested posts. Tap the X in the upper right corner, then select Snooze all suggested posts for 30 days, to snooze a post.

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