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WhatsApp, as one of the fastest messaging platforms, has emerged not only as our personal chat app but also as a professional communication medium. Even if you are in a low network area but have wifi access, you can contact the concerned person through WhatsApp. Whether it is an official voice call or a personal video call, WhatsApp is the go-to platform for more than two billion active users worldwide.

For people who use WhatsApp extensively on their laptops, desktops, Windows or iMac for their daily purposes, one of the main concerns has been making audio and video calls using the platform. The user should realize that WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp desktop/laptop are two different things. To make WhatsApp audio/video calls using your desktop or laptop, you must install WhatsApp on both your smartphone and your laptop/desktop. To make an audio/video call, you must have the following things in place:

* Audio output device and microphone for audio and video calls.
* Camera for video calls.
* Permission for WhatsApp to access computer microphone and camera.
* WhatsApp needs access to computer microphone for calls and camera for video calls.

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You should also check if your Windows/macOS version is compatible with WhatsApp. Desktop calling on WhatsApp is supported on Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and later as well as macOS 10.13 and later.

Here, we will tell you a step by step guide to make WhatsApp calls on a laptop or desktop:

* Download WhatsApp for desktop/laptop/Windows/macOS from
* Install WhatsApp, when you open, you will see a QR code
* Make sure that both your smartphone and desktop are connected to the Internet
* Go to “Linked Devices” and click “Link a Device”, it will open the QR code scanner
* Scan the QR code visible on WhatsApp for laptop/desktop
* Now to make a voice call, click or search for the name of the concerned person in WhatsApp for laptop
* On the top right of the chat box, tap/click the “Voice call” button to make a voice call
* On the top right of the chat box, tap/click the Video Call button to make a video call

However, WhatsApp does not currently support group calls on WhatsApp Desktop.

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How to make WhatsApp audio/video calls using WhatsApp Web?
If you are using WhatsApp Web instead of the WhatsApp Desktop app, you cannot make voice or video calls as the feature is only supported while using the app.

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