Google said to its employees back to office amid most COVID cases at its workplace | Technology News

New Delhi: More and more offices are reversing the trend of working from home. Following the lead, it appears that Google has now stopped working from home for its employees. Google’s new back-to-office rule keeps employees up all night. The search engine giant has asked its employees to return to work at least three days a week. With more cases of COVID-19 being reported day by day, employees are getting more and more concerned about their health.

Some of the company’s employees admitted to CNBC that they receive notifications of infection in their email inboxes on a regular basis and that the company has resumed work from the office. Employees vent their anger and frustration through memes in the current circumstances. (Read Also: Banks Closed in Ganesh Chaturthi? Check holidays in these cities)

Notably, Google evaluated its work-from-the-office policy in April and made it mandatory for employees to be on-site at least three days each week. However, employees resisted the new rules because they worked productively from home, leading the IT company to post its biggest revenue increase in 15 years. (Also Read: Elon Musk’s Mother Sleeps in Garage Because of Elon Musk, Here’s Why)

However, Google has also given the option to work from home permanently under certain conditions.

Compared to other companies, Google has reported the most cases of COVID-19 in its workplace, according to the Los Angeles Public Health Dashboard. According to, the Google giant has suffered 145 infections at its Silicon Beach office in Venice, California, and 135 at its vast Playa Vista site.

Unvaccinated Google employees are asking authorities to allow them to visit the company’s headquarters because there has already been an increase in COVID cases there. They want to remove the vaccination requirement because even vaccinated workers get sick.

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