Getting nude video calls from unknown number? Here’s how to remain safe from this online scam | Technology News

New Delhi: Internet scams are becoming common. Nowadays, there are hundreds of ways scammers use to defraud you online. One such method is to use video calls to defraud people. Yes, you are reading correctly; Phishing involving video calls and extortion is also fairly common.

According to earlier reports this year, people received video calls from random numbers, with scammers tricking and blackmailing them using screenshots and distorted images. Several such cases were reported earlier this year, where people were blackmailed into paying scammers up to Rs 55,000.

Scammers send a video call from a woman to the victim. When a person answers the phone, a half-naked girl receives him on a video call. If the victim responds in kind, the scammers will record videos or take screenshots and threaten to post them on social media. They demand that the victim pay a large sum of money in order to refrain from publishing the photos or videos.

Such scams are prevalent on dating apps as well as other video calling services like WhatsApp. It increased during the initial COVID-19 wave. An event earlier this year involved a 30-year-old man who paid Rs 55,000 for a random video call.

The most important thing you can do to protect yourself from these hacks is to never accept video calls from unknown numbers. Users have the option to modify their privacy settings and maintain the highest level of security. On any online platform, your phone number, other account identifiers, and even your contact list should be accessible to anyone.

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