Frozen egg transportation, and Roblox’s expressive avatars

Like me, Eggs was flying in economy class, writes Anna-Louis Sussman. My dog ​​Stewie and I were in the 8D seat, while 12 of the cryopreserved eggs, four straws of three eggs each, had a seat by the window. They were placed in a refrigerated storage vial packed in a metal bag next to Paolo, the courier supervising their passage from the fertility clinic in Bologna, Italy, to the clinic in Madrid, Spain, where I would undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) in several weeks.

The shipping of gametes and embryos around the world is a growing part of the burgeoning global fertility sector. As people have children later in life, the need for fertility treatment increases every year. The ability to move eggs, sperm and embryos across borders allows tens of thousands of patients to access this medical care if it is not available in their country due to legal restrictions or exorbitant prices.

In my case, I had frozen eggs in Bologna in 2016, and again in Madrid two years later, because I would have taken several more years to save for a course in New York.

After paying for storage for six and four years, respectively, at 40 I was ready to try to conceive. Bolognese batch transfer served to put all my eggs in one basket. Read the full story.

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Roblox avatars are about to get more expressive

news: Roblox users will soon be able to give their avatar facial expressions that mimic those of a player, the platform announced at last week’s annual Roblox Developer Conference. The update could mean that users can smile, wink, or wipe their brows, and their avatar will imitate them in real time. The eyes can squint, the heads can shake, and the eyebrows and ears can shake with the same results.

why does it matter: The online gaming platform allows visitors to either play or create games, and it attracts 52.2 million users every day. The rich and diverse virtual worlds created on the site were seen as a precursor to what we might see and experience in the metaverse, with opportunities to connect with other people and personal avatars that players can use across the games.

What’s Next: Soon, Roblox says, users will be able to talk directly to other avatars as in other multiplayer video games. In short, changes may blend our human experience in the real world with that of the metaverse and make avatars more like us – for better or worse. Read the full story.

– Tania Basu

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