Famous open world game franchise Grand Theft Auto 6 footages leaked: Here’s HOW netizens reacted on Twitter | Technology News

New Delhi: The next installment of the popular open world game franchise, Grand Theft Auto VI footage has been leaked online. Netizens went crazy and memes spread on social media. GTA 6 hashtag leak is trending on Twitter.

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According to reports, a user on the GTA forums has posted a 3GB file filled with 90 videos of GTA VI footage. It’s unclear who got them, however, some suggest he may be a “tea pirate.”

The leaked videos are spread on various social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and many more forums. Leaked Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) footage has surfaced online to reveal some details of the much-awaited game including heroes, theft, and more. Male and female protagonist characters appear in a number of passages from the diversion. They also depict the gameplay that takes place in a fictional city similar to Miami, which is consistent with early speculation about what GTA 6 will add to the franchise.

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Netizens went crazy and memes spread on social media. Take a look at how netizens search for their funny, sarcastic and funny pictures. They are posting how Rockstar Games will react after discovering the leak.

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