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New Delhi: Microsoft released Window 11 on September 5 last year. It’s been almost a year since Microsoft fixed the New Window bug. Window 11 has made some improvements from its predecessor Window 10 to spoil the user experience and provide a richer and more productive environment.

However, no software is perfect. Window 11 still has some bugs that irritate users time and time again. One such issue is the “ghost box issue in search tool” which causes the screen to obscure other apps.

What is the problem with “Search widget Ghost box”?

This has been reported as a common problem by users of Window 11. When a user searches for something using the search option at the bottom of the taskbar, and if it fails, it stops on the screen. This is called a “Ghost Box” which makes everything behind you inaccessible.

Here are the steps to temporarily fix the problem:-

Step 1 – Close any open windows in File Explorer

Step 2 – Press Control + Shift + Escape from the key combination to open the task manager

Step 3 – In the taskbar tab, scroll down the list of running processes until you find the Windows Explorer process

Step 4 – Choose the Windows Explorer process and hit the Restart button in the lower right corner of the Task Manager window.

Step 5 – That’s it, the ghost chest will disappear.

How to permanently fix “Ghost Box” issue on Windows 11

Step 1 – Choose Taskbar and select Taskbar Settings

Step 2 – Turn off search toggle option

Step 3 – The search tool will permanently disappear from the Windows 11 taskbar

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