Elon Musk’s mother sleeps in a GARAGE because of Elon Musk, here’s WHY | Technology News

New Delhi: Billionaire Elon Musk’s mother, May Musk, sleeps in the garage instead of in the bedroom when she visits to meet her son, Elon Musk. The mother of the richest man in the world, who lives in New York City, revealed this in an interview with “The Times”. She also opened up about her strong relationship with her 51-year-old son. She mentioned that she sleeps in the garage when she visits to meet her son at his Texas home.

The 71-year-old said that despite being the richest man in the world, Elon Musk does not live in a very luxurious and luxurious home. “I have to sleep in the garage. You can’t have a luxury home near a rocket site,” she said. She spends the night sleeping in the garage when she visits the SpaceX CEO’s home in Boca Chica, which also serves as the location for the company’s Texas headquarters and Starbase launch site. (Also Read: Apple iPhone 14: Users Will Make Calls or Messages Without Cellular Network, Here’s How)

SpaceX pays Musk’s main residence a monthly rent of $50,000. The residence is located near the SpaceX facility in Texas. Musk began liquidating his real estate holdings after announcing in 2020 that he would give up all of his material possessions to devote his life to “Mars and Earth.” In May 2020, he released the infamous tweet that he would sell practically all of his material possessions and “doesn’t own a home”. (Also Read: Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Watch5)

May stated in the interview that her son doesn’t care much about material items, repeating the claim made by the Tesla CEO. But May admitted that, unlike her son, she was not interested in visiting Mars. She would carry out the order if her children had asked her to.

She said Elon “remembered everything he had read.” He was always gaining new knowledge. All questions answered with information. She said that then people would call Elon “the Internet” because there was no Internet at the time.

May Musk described that period as “terrifying” looking back because the family had ongoing financial problems, often worried that she would not be able to provide for her children. She recalled how the family only had a one-bedroom apartment and struggled to make ends meet, adding, “There were hard times.”

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