Elon Musk to soon roll out thousands of humanoid robots in Tesla factories; here is all you need to know | Technology News

Known for his boldness and eccentricity, Tesla boss Elon Musk is coming up with another out-of-the-league plan. This time, it’s ready to deploy several humanoid robots called “Optimus” or “Tesla robots” at the Tesla factory. Tesla has held meetings and conferences about keeping robots in factories.

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The concept was revealed by the company during its inaugural AI day and is ready for release. Sooner or later, the company plans to expand the plan globally. Elon Musk firmly believes that the company will eventually extend beyond producing self-driving electric cars, and robotics could be more valuable than Tesla cars.

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However, Musk said in a TED Talk that robots can be used in homes, preparing dinner, mowing the lawn, caring for the elderly, and even becoming a “companion” or a “sex writer.”

What is Optimus or Tesla Bot?

Earlier, in 2021, Musk said the Optimus was built using the same sensors and chipsets as self-driving Tesla cars. It is five feet tall and has a screen with relevant information. It weighs 125 pounds, can lift 150 pounds, and can carry 45 pounds.

Other companies use robots for different tasks. Nowadays, Amazon and Walmart use android devices, and the former is currently testing its own palm scanner to sign out of the store.

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