Crypto in the Congo, and a chip design milestone

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I’ve combed the internet to find you today’s most fun/important/scary/cool stories about technology.

1 China is strengthening its control over online content
By taking the “golden shares” in major technology companies Alibaba and Tencent. (FT $)
+ Didi taxi ordering apps are back. (Reuters)
+ China wants to censor online comments. (MIT Technology Review)

2 The United States is suing two cryptocurrency exchanges
Genesis and Gemini are accused of selling unregistered securities. (Mass)
+ Another exchange,, is cutting its workforce. (Techcrunch)

3 An AI chatbot learned to sexually harass people
Unwanted, aggressive developments have terrorized users. (Motherboard)
+ I undressed my viral AI avatar app, Lensa, without my consent. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Why other viruses have been suppressed during the pandemic
Partly because they can take turns dominating a host. (Well-known magazine)
+ People in China travel to Hong Kong to get special coronavirus boosters. (Watchman)

5 Google Says Changing To Section 230 Could ‘Flip The Internet’
The amendments will put an end to moderation as we know it, she claims. (Wall Street Journal $)

6 Deaths due to cancer in the United States decreased significantly
Better treatment and lower smoking rates could be among the contributing factors. (CNN)

7 The debate over the gas grill is growing out of control
We know they are bad for our health and the climate. But the ban proposals sparked a backlash that refuses to die. (slate $)
+ Here’s everything you need to know about the ongoing debate. (Fox)
+ Welcome to the new culture wars. (Motherboard)

8 Mexico’s subway drivers have to communicate via WhatsApp
They are forbidden to use cell phones, but the conductors say they have no other choice. (Rest of the world)

9 Indonesian village that generates sensations on YouTube
Tapen is at the heart of the country’s thriving YouTube scene. (Wired $)

10 Why space travel is so bad for us
It is a major health risk. (WP $)

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