Conservative book bans, and restricting crypto

1 The White House Is Considering Pushing A Policy To Restrict Cryptocurrencies
A series of new reports warns of its financial risks, especially those posed by stablecoins. (WP $)
+ It wants to set standards to reduce energy use to reduce emissions. (CoinDesk)
+ Elsewhere, the US dollar is trending from strength to strength. (economic $)

2 New X-ray method for detecting explosives can also identify tumors
A deep learning algorithm managed to find explosives hidden inside a hair dryer. (MIT Technology Review)

3 How contraceptive companies navigate the post-Ro world
The volatile legal landscape makes it increasingly difficult to plan ahead. (BuzzFeed News)
+ Cognitive dissonance upon watching the end of Rowe unfold online. (MIT Technology Review)

4Meet the teachers who are fighting back against misinformation
Teaching children to think for themselves is key. (The New York Times $)
+ Google examines how different generations deal with misinformation. (MIT Technology Review)

5 What photon rings can teach us about a black hole
Its consistency can refer to its internal structure. (Quanta)
+ Life in the universe is still very difficult. (Atlantic Ocean $)

6 Humans are not ready to live in a rectangular city in the desert
That didn’t stop Saudi Arabia from trying to build one anyway. (Watchman)
+ A smart city is a utopia that is not always realized. (MIT Technology Review)

7 The electric car revolution is in full swing
But it’s scooters and tricycles, not cars, that lead the way. (Rest of the world)

8 trees (3) is the largest number in the universe
The problem is, it’s so big, we can hardly understand it. (new world $)

9 TikTok sheds light on the shady world of banking
Its graduates and other young employees interrupt the public relations cycle. (Bloomberg $)

10 iPhone has a wonderful problem
Once everyone has something, is it still desirable? (Atlantic Ocean $)
+ Maybe a satellite connection can help? (IEEE Spectrum)

Quote from today

“Criticizing scams doesn’t mean it’s dirty.” A user of Buttcoin, a Reddit community dedicated to making fun of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry, defends his stance on guardian.

The big story

What if aging was not an inevitable, but a curable disease?

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