Inside a battery recycling facility

keeping up with the climate Artificial intelligence and robotics are helping researchers build better batteries. The researchers used a machine-learning model called Dragonfly and a robot called Clio to help them design new electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries. (The electrolyte is the fluid that helps move the charge in the battery.) Better electrolytes may mean faster … Read more

The porcelain challenge didn’t need to be real to get views

Shortly after our conversation on Monday, Durfee sent me an update: TikTok has permanently banned his account (which had 150,000 followers), apparently as a result of this experiment. The company didn’t give him a reason for the permanent removal, but he said they took down two videos “promoting dangerous behavior”: one that told viewers to … Read more

DeepMind uses its game-playing AI to best a 50-year-old record in computer science

“This is a really impressive result,” says François Le Gall, a mathematician at Nagoya University in Japan, who was not involved in the work. “Matrix multiplication is used everywhere in geometry,” he says. “Anything you want to solve numerically, you usually use arrays.” Although accounts are ubiquitous, they are still not well understood. An array … Read more

Video of delivery agent flying on a jetpack to deliver food goes viral, Twitterati go crazy– watch video here | Technology News

New Delhi: Over the past few years, there has been a major shift in technology. Technology drives every sector. As a result, a few years ago, no one would have imagined that their favorite restaurant meal would be delivered with just one click. The development only appears to be improving at this point. The … Read more

Unbelievable! Make your smartphone waterproof by just spending Rs 50, here’s HOW | Technology News

New Delhi: Technology updates as the pace of time. In the age of technology, many premium waterproof smartphones are available. But premium smartphones cost a lot which is not easily affordable. Everyone wants their smartphone to be waterproof. Do you also want to make your smartphone waterproof? Sounds so incredible? Wondering to know how that … Read more

The Download: China’s covid pop-up, and resolving Twitter’s ownership row

This is today’s version of DownloadAnd the Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s happening in the tech world. How the Covid pop-up is wreaking havoc on daily life in China In 2020, China launched a contact tracing program that assigns a QR code to every person in the country. It shows … Read more

Want to delete emails in bulk? Here’s HOW to do it | Technology News

New Delhi: Sending hard copies of documents to offices, schools or colleges is no longer as common as it used to be, as the acceptance of Gmail is increasing day by day. Yes, Google’s free emails have made the authentication process easy. But which makes it difficult to find the emails that are really important … Read more