BEWARE! Fraud can be done in the name of making Ayushman card, be careful of these three things | Technology News

New Delhi: If you are applying for an Ayushman card, you should be very careful with the process unless you are robbed in the process. The central government launched Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana in 2018, under which Ayushman cards were given to the beneficiaries. The health system provides poor families with access to health care services, and also provides assistance with day care procedures, including pre-existing illnesses. Under the Ayushman card, the family gets coverage of up to 5 lakhs in private and public hospitals.

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However, there are cases that happened when customers fell into traps by pretending to give an Aysuhman card. Here are three things you should stay wary of.

Do not give sensitive details about your bank account

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Scammers find ways to rob innocent people nowadays. Thus, they can try to steal people online or offline in the name of Ayushman card making. Therefore, you should never share the sensitive details of your bank account. You can become a victim if you do this.

Beware of fake Kyc

Scammers also play KYC fake Ayushman card game to steal customers. If you receive calls, messages, or any other creative way to complete KYC, you do not have to open the link at any cost.

Do not open unwanted links

The scammer uses WhatsApp, emails or messages to send the innocent link in which he will mention tempting offers like opening Ayushman card without any documents. However, you should beware of these messages.

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