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New Delhi: Whether it is in the office or at home, WhatsApp has become the best means of communication everywhere. It is also one of the most used instant messaging applications worldwide. WhatsApp is improving its feature day by day with time request. WhatsApp web features and multi-device support have been rolled out by the company some time ago. These features have proven to be very useful to the users.

Just as every coin has two sides, it also has two sides. Often with these features, anyone can read or monitor your messages. Many peoples of the world have been victims of this. But how does one know that someone is watching you? Read on to find out the easiest and simplest way to find out. (Also read:

It is very easy for your friends, relatives or anyone close to you to monitor your WhatsApp chat. All they have to do is take your phone for a few minutes and get a few clicks. Are you wondering how one can do with just a few clicks? Here is the answer.

There is not always a case of hacking. Without hacking, anyone can also read your messages through the WhatsApp website or multi-device support facility. These are the features with which you can use WhatsApp on more than one device. In WhatsApp web, the primary device needs internet connection but in a multi-device support facility, there is no need for internet connection in the primary device.

If someone gets your phone once, they can use your WhatsApp without your permission.

How do you check if others are reading your messages or not?
– Open your WhatsApp application.
– Click on the three dots available in the upper right corner of the application.
Click on the associated device option.
After clicking on the option, you will get a list of devices that are logged in on WhatsApp.

How do you avoid this?

By using the extra security features, you will be eliminated. Another way is after clicking on the associated device option, you will get the lists of devices that are logged in on WhatsApp. You can also log out from there.

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