Apple smartwatch series 8: THIS new feature will help drivers in emergency | Technology News

New Delhi: After months of rumors, Apple has launched its 8 wearable smartwatch series. The company launched the smartwatch at the Far Out event yesterday. Apple launched it with the Apple iPhone 14 lineup, and it’s a new processor called the A16 Bionic chip.

With the launch, the company completely stopped the rumors flowing in the market. Apple Watch Series 8 works with temperature and two new mobile features. The company claims that the new temperature feature is for women’s health and that the motion feature is for car accidents.

Customers will have to wait until September 16 to have this watch on their hands as the sale starts on September 16. The company assures that it constantly monitors your temperature and can detect changes in temperature of up to 0.1°C.

According to the manufacturer, recording your body temperature over the course of the entire night can give you insight into your ovulatory cycle, which can then be used to enhance the hourly cycle-tracking ability of menstruating women. Apple will now notify anyone who uses Cycle Tracking if their cycle is abnormal, which could be a sign of “essential health concerns,” according to the company.

According to the makers, accident detection will only turn on while driving, protecting the watch’s 18-hour battery life. Apple also offers a Low Power option that extends the watch’s battery life to 36 hours. Older watches starting with Series 4 will also get the feature as long as they’re running watchOS 9.

Activity monitoring and crash detection are still present when the mode is activated, but the automatic workout tracking and always-on display are removed. Additionally, Series 8 and earlier watches will support cellular roaming.

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