Apple set to appeal against Brazilian govt ban of selling iPhones without charger in Brazil; Read here DETAILS | Technology News

Apple has decided to appeal a Brazilian order to prevent the company from selling its iPhones without a charger inside the box, Reuters reports. The Brazilian government has fined Apple 12.275 million reais ($2.38 million) and ordered the cancellation of sales of iPhones without any charger, calling them an incomplete product offered to customers.

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The Justice Department said the iPhone lacked a key element in a “deliberately discriminatory practice against consumers”.

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Moreover, the ministry rejected the arguments put forward by Apple. The company argues that the move is a major effort to reduce carbon emissions. But the ministry argued that there is no concrete evidence to prove environmental protection by selling the smartphone without a charger.

Apple said it would appeal the decision while continuing to work with the Brazilian consumer protection agency Sinacon to resolve concerns.

“We have already won several court rulings in Brazil on this matter, and we are confident that our customers are aware of the different options for charging and connecting their devices,” Apple said.

When did Apple stop giving out chargers with iPhones?

Apple stopped supplying chargers with iPhones 12 series iPhones in 2020 which will continue after the models as well. Apple argued that the move is a major effort to reach its environmental goals and reduce its carbon cost.

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