Amazon unveils next generation e-reader ‘Kindle 2022’: Check specs, prices, and other details | Technology News

New Delhi: Amazon has unveiled the 11th generation of its new Kindle e-reader in India. The new Kindle reader comes with a 6-inch LCD display, which is a better viewing experience with a pixel density of 300 ppi. Furthermore, the new generation e-reader will have 16GB of storage as opposed to the previous 10th generation which offers 8GB of storage. The main specialty of the new upgrade is that it is compatible with USB-C charging.

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The new generation will be available from October 12 and customers can pre-order from today. It starts at just $99.99 which is roughly Rs 10,338. It will come in black, pink, denim, and dark emerald colors.

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Amazon Kindle 2022 specifications

The upgraded e-reader will come with an all-new 6-inch HD display, glare-free, 300dpi high-resolution display and adjustable front lighting.

Simplified setup on the Kindle app for iOS and Android provides an option to enroll your device in fewer steps and get to a book faster. It will be the lightest and most compact e-reader available to date – to carry in your pocket. The device’s longer battery life of up to six weeks increases reading time.

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