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New Delhi: Gone are the days when hard copies of documents were so important, PDF now plays an important role in all aspects of documentation. Whether it is in the office, home, workplace, college or schools, it is critical everywhere. Portable Document Format (PDF files) contains all the components of printed documents such that one can view, explore, print or send to another person.

Earlier anyone could access PDF files but now the rules have changed. You can make an official PDF document. For this, you have to log in first. When you digitally sign a PDF document, you agree to its accuracy. While filling any type of form, you need to upload signature in some important format. Read on to find out how to add your signature in PDF format. (Read also: Wondering about translating images to text? Use Google Lens & Translate – here’s how to do it in just a few clicks)

Here is the step-by-step guide to adding your signature in PDF format:

Open the PDF document format in Adobe Reader.

– In the right box, click on the “Fill and Sign” option.

Click on the Sign icon in the Fill and Sign menu.

– Add your signature now.

Click on the PDF option.

– You can resize, reshape, delete and drag the signature in the panel with the help of the arrow key.

If you want to add your handwritten signature, you have to go to the drag, insert or type menu. Then follow the same process. One can also add a signature by scanning the image. You can get documents in many formats including JPEG, PNG, and many more.

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